I knew I wanted to live a more authentic life. On the surface, I had it all: money, career, and a wonderful family. In my heart, something was missing. I approached Dafna hoping to find “the answer.” Together, Dafna and I co-created a challenging, energetic and authentic environment to explore “my truth.” I’m now living with a deeper understanding of my values, my goals and my life’s purpose. For the first time, I’m making choices that honor my values, fearlessly.
— Steve L.
The impact of working with Dafna has been immense on many levels. It has helped me look at my life through a clearer lens. I have learned that I have the power to choose how I handle what comes up in my life. I have grown tremendously. Perhaps the most important growth for me has been in my sense of self. When I started my work with Dafna I could visit the part of myself that was strong and of value, but I didn’t know how to live there. A little over a year later, I have a deeper sense of my own power and value that I access on a regular basis. Fear and unworthiness come up, but they don’t inhabit me the way they did in the past.
— Lysa I.
In coaching with Dafna, I feel like I have all the answers. I just need someone to help me uncover them and that’s what she does. She provides me with support to be with an issue all week long. I find our coaching to be whatever I want it to be and I feel I’m in control of getting myself in order. I like the idea of being able to guide it to whatever I need right then and there. And, she kicks my butt to keep me motivated.
— Karen B.
Longing to transform some old patterns, I joined a women’s group led by Dafna. There I found a courageous and dynamic leader, capable of guiding a group of strong women through all aspects of their lives. With a new set of tools an exciting new life emerged for me on both a spiritual and practical level. I’m looking forward to more opportunities to work with her.
— Sharyn A.
Dafna has become a trusted resource for me personally as well as for my business through her thoughtful and action-oriented approach to coaching. Her hilarious sense of humor has been the key to help me revaluate and achieve my goals for both my personal health as well as the health of my growing business. Bottom line -working with Dafna has gotten me real results and even she will tell you, I’m a “tough nut to crack.
— Andrew F.
I’d never been to a women’s retreat before so I didn’t know what to expect. From the moment I walked in the door, with her well-honed professional skills and warmth Dafna made me feel welcomed, engaged, and excited for what was to come.

During the 3 days, I had the opportunity to focus on some aspects of my life I’d not really delved into in a meaningful way. And at the same time, I howled with laughter and had an extraordinary time with a great group of women. A year later, I’m still using many of the approaches and tools I learned during that retreat.

Dafna created a beautiful oasis for us to discover, reflect, rejuvenate and to experience absolute fun.
— Ellen B.