Life Coaching is a rapidly growing profession that includes aspects of psychology, philosophy, mentoring, spirituality, career development, finances, motivation, and personal growth. A Life Coach is similar to a fitness trainer except that the goal is for you to live your whole life to the fullest.


About Coach Dafna

Dafna Neiger, Certified Co-Active Personal Coach, CCPC. has worked as a life coach and educator for over 20 years. Working with individuals and groups of all sizes, she helps others clarify possibilities and take bold action. Dafna teaches skills and strategies for extraordinary living.

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"Longing to transform some old patterns, I joined a women's group led by Dafna. There I found a courageous and dynamic leader, capable of guiding a group of strong women through all aspects of their lives. With a new set of tools, an exciting new life emerged..."

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